Wind turbines in sunshine

Local Community Feedback

Local people know the local area the best

In all communities, it is the local people who know the area best. It is you, the people who live here that know the strengths, weaknesses, desires and aspirations of the area. As an area with a community that has proven its ability to identify opportunities and to develop successful initiatives, we believe that the community benefit fund associated with this project could deliver very significant benefits for the local area. 

The fundamental principal of any community benefit package that we roll-out is that we seek to work with local people to deliver increased environmental, economic, and social sustainability to local communities. 

We would be very interested in hearing what ideas you have on how this wind farm could deliver the most benefit to you and your local area.

Design Stages and Next Steps

This proposal is still at design stage and as such details of the proposal may change. Our community engagement team will be working in the area to ensure that information is available and that you have an opportunity to discuss the various aspects of this proposal.

Overview of the Design Stages

Design Stage

% Design


Initial Scoping

0 - 40%

Based on high level information

Preliminary Layout

40% - 80%

Fluid and frequent open to change

Design Layout

80% - 100%

Sufficiently fixed to allow meaningful discussion

Planning Layout


Fixed for presentation to the appropriate planning authority

We would like to hear how you think that this proposal could work best in the area, how you think it could bring the most benefit to the local area and to discuss any queries or concerns that you might have regarding the proposal. 

We would also like to discuss with you the reasons behind why this project is being brought forward for consideration and the issues that we need to consider in terms of the move away from a fossil fuel based electricity system towards renewable electricity. 

Our community liaison team will be calling to people in the local area and we would invite you to meet with us. If you would like to contact us to arrange a visit, please do not hesitate to do so on the contact details on our Contact Page.