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Public Virtual Consultation Room
Public Virtual Consultation Room
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The impacts of climate change on our world are now widely accepted. We are all being challenged to consider the role we play in climate action.

At the moment, the majority of us still use fossil fuels to generate our electricity, heat our homes and run our cars, all of which release carbon into the environment. However, people are now moving towards a low carbon solution and accept that this needs to change. Last year, 43% of our electricity came from renewable sources. The development of renewable energy, including solar energy, is the foundation upon which effective climate action can be delivered.

The world is getting warmer and extreme weather events are a frequent occurrence. We cannot stop climate change, but we can take action to address it.


About Statkraft

Statkraft is Europe’s largest renewable energy producer. It has been making clean energy for over a century.

At Statkraft Ireland we believe that a better, cleaner and more sustainable world is possible to achieve and that by working together, we can avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Statkraft is already playing a significant role in combating climate change and it has a lot of experience in delivering renewable energy projects. Statkraft Ireland is developing suitable and appropriate renewable energy projects, including wind, solar and battery storage projects, that will bring long-lasting benefits to our communities, our country and our future generations.